How To Use MyVegas Cheats On Facebook To Earn Free Las Vegas Comps

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I’m like you. I hate seeing my Facebook feed drown in updates from people playing any one of dozens of games on the site.


I’m now one of them.

I first heard about MyVegas on Facebook a month ago from a colleague. I saw her at reception playing slot machines and teased her for “working hard.” She told me about the real rewards she was earning playing the game, and I filed it away to remember.

Then I saw a friend of mine more or less bragging about all the stuff she was scoring for free on an anniversary trip to Las Vegas. She’s a noted blogger, so I assumed it was a pay for play sort of deal. Nope. She was just eagerly sharing all the stuff she scooped playing MyVegas on Facebook. All told, about $400 worth of comps in Las Vegas from buffets to beer to steak dinners.

So… what’s the deal? MyVegas is a slot machine game from the MGM group of hotels (Aria, Monte Carlo, Bellagio, MGM, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Mirage, Excalibur, New York New York).

You play slots or blackjack and earn experience points and loyalty points along the way. Your experience points help you build new hotels, and earn playing chips, your loyalty points help you win rewards from your game play.

myvegas cheats


1. Play Perfect Strategy
There is a detailed “perfect strategy” guide to playing the game. It’s the closest thing you’ll find to MyVegas Cheats. It helps you play to earn maximum loyalty points while risking the fewest chips. It can be a boring way to play the game, but if you’re in it for the Las Vegas comps, following this perfect MyVegas strategy guide is your best angle at MyVegas Cheats.

2. Have Lots Of Friends
The other thing you may want to do is start a new account so you can friend as many people as possible who are also playing the game. One of the best MyVegas Cheats is to have a large friend list that you share chips with on a daily basis. You can do this with your legit page, but then you run the risk of exposing your Facebook profile to people you don’t know. Many have created fake profiles with like “John MyVegas” or “Karen MyVegas” that they can stack with other game players, earn loyalty points, and not worry about spamming their real friends.

3. Join Facebook Groups
There are many Facebook Groups devoted to MyVegas. Here you will find people who are willing to be added as Facebook friends so you can share chips. They will also share links and coupon codes so you can have extra chips through the day.


When MyVegas first started up, many of the items in the reward catalogue were free. Now, things have changed. There is a limit to the number of rewards you can claim (3 per 30 day period), and many of the rewards have become 2 for 1, or discounts when you spend x amount.

You can still find good things like show tickets, buffet coupons, and free items, but they are not as plentiful as they once were.


I’m not going to sugar coat it, this game is a HUGE time suck. I have pumped hundreds of hours into the game over 2 months and so far I have free nachos and half a dozen cans of beer. We are headed to Vegas in August and I have enough points for a couple of free buffets, and $50 off a steakhouse when we spend $100.

If you do the ROI on that amount of time, you’re earning pennies on the dollar. Now, it must be said you are getting something for your time. Play any of the other ‘ville’ games covering your Facebook timeline and you’re getting nothing but entertainment. With MyVegas, you are earning actual Las Vegas comps, but it takes a long time to get ones that are worth anything.


Sort of.

myvegas pop up If you’re just starting to play MyVegas on Facebook to earn some comps for a trip later this year, it’s not worth it. With so many of the deals switching to discount, or 2 for 1, you’re better off scanning the Las Vegas Groupon page for discounts.

It has taken me 2 months to earn 50 000 loyalty points on my wife’s account – that’s enough to buy a $50 off coupon for $100 spent at RICE in Luxor. I can find similar deals on Las Vegas Groupon without having to invest the dozens (hundreds) of hours in game play and spamming my friends on Facebook.

You’ll also need to resist the constant pop-ups encouraging you to buy chips. They encourage you to spend as much as $199 to play the game (you never do, you can play for free) and with that comes a 20k loyalty bonus (worth about $20 in the rewards store). It’s not worth it, but they will tempt you with at least 3 pop ups every time you play the game.

If you like to play games, this is for you because you’ll earn rewards as you play. If you’re playing just to get rewards for a trip, skip it. Even with MyVegas Cheats, it’s still not worth it.

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How To Play Perfect MyVegas Strategy – this guide will tell you exactly how many chips to bet on each level of the game so you earn the most LP to spend on MyVegas Rewards.

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  1. When we were in vegas in March our friends who play myvegas took us to a show with the comps they earned. I have been playing since we got back from Vegas – never buy chips – just added lots of friends and save up chips for when they have double loyalty points, or double level up loyalty points. I have earned 474,000 loyalty points since then. My husband has about the same. We will use them on the big ticket items like shows like love which give you two tickets for 208,000 points. I am retired and up early so I play then and usually late at night.

  2. This is the thing: I will not add a lot of random people to my personal and private Facebook page to get chips. And I cant imagine how many hours you’ve played since March. I started in April/May and only managed to get about 200k points, and I have played .. A LOT.

  3. In my opinion he is quite right about saving your chips until double xp specials. I use that strategy as well. A friend talked me into myvegas earlier this year and he was around 80 when I started. He is at 164 now and I am at 175. Both he and his wife play his account very regularly and I generally only put in an hour or so before bed. The higher level you are the better the pays on the daily wheel and I think more importantly the quicker you get your strip built. This generates more cash. I do log in a couple times a day to scoop up the strip chips. This pays off fast. You also should take advantage of the unattended spins. Just set it to 100 or 200 and go about your business.
    I really wish I had made a dummy account right off. I would be much higher right now with the better friend multiplier. I just don’t want a pile of people on my regular account.
    I have about 400k at the moment. You can really maximize the points if you plan right. The room deals can be great but it is not hard to get great deals at slow times so I think using them on the shows hard to get tickets for is a good option such as O.

  4. I’ve only been playing for 1 year now off and on. I only put in 15-30 minutes a day when playing but I have to admit, the first time I earned 2 Buffet passes and a Tournament of Kings ticket, my girlfriend earned the same. It got even better the 2nd time. And now this time we just both earned Tournament of Kings tickets again.

    You obviously give up too easy. The game is simple and pays out great. Its funny how some people talk down on things they really don’t know about. Playing a couple times in 1 month doesn’t merit bagging on the game and saying its not worth it.

    A young adult wrote his article above. That’s obvious.

    Thank you MGM keep up the good work!

  5. I’ve not been playing “a couple of times in 1 month.”

    I play daily. Many hours a day with it spinning in the background. And I’m 43 :).

  6. I just enjoy free game n free rewards as I have used it on our last vegas trip but I used for shows not so much on food since u can eat there pretty cheap so hav fun its freeee

  7. Buzz, may I put my two cents in. On my ipad on Jan 1st with only 25 points on before I got the hourly bonus, I was playing Pirates Cove and got a spin for 1 million chips. So, don’t tell people what to play, everyone plays their favorite game.

  8. Good on you, Gloria! I have found nothing but trouble with Pirate’s Cove. I guess everyone has their favorites and own luck. It is “random.”

  9. Gosh I didn’t know you could get bonus coins from “friends”, I have been playing the old fashion way on slots, I am level 84, 1,209,177 points, and bonus points of 181,505. I would love for someone to add me to their list so we can send chips, I will also do the same for you.

    Thanks, Patti

  10. Feel free to add me as well and I will add you immediately. PLEASE let me know that you are an MyVegas player as I get a lot of random friend requests.

  11. I’ve found the best game for winning coins quickly on the Facebook version is Bet the Farm. When you spin the wheel for the bonus always “Bet the Farm”, buy the insurance, and keep spinning. I’ve found that unless my first spin is $10k+ this method works great and I usually get a minimum net amount of $10k. That’s playing $1700 per spin.

  12. HI Buzz…Thanks for stye tips…going to Vegas Easter Sunday and staying at Aria for 3 days thanks to myVegas….Also free dinner at Wolfgang Puck (buy1-get1) Have NEVER bought a chip!! But at Level 151, and no building going on now or in the future I guess…..Just save for trip next year…Still best game on the net !!

  13. I have been playing for over a year and saving up my points. I stopped playing for a couple of months during this time. I had over 400,000 loyalty credits that I just cashed in for a free night at Aria (have to pay the resort fee though) and 2 free tickets to see Zarkana (when I booked it I got front row seats!!!) I am trying to earn enough for 2 free buffets at Aria before we go at the end of June. I also belong to the Harrah’s Total Rewards program so I booked another night at Bally’s for $27.00 through that. Can’t wait to get to Vegas!!!

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