16 Gag Gifts For Geeks

Buying something for the techie on your list that has everything, or gets rather particular about the kind of gadgetry they play can be difficult, especially if you don’t speak their language.  So instead of trying to get the specs right for their new computer or camera, and instead of buying a plain gift card, why not go gag?  An inside joke that they can appreciate and shows you’re trying to get what they’re about.

Here’s 16 Gag Gifts For Geeks:

Anything With Bacon – this can work for geeks and non-geeks a like as bacon is the meme of the moment for many people. There’s bacon salt, baconnaise, bacon lip balm, bacon popcorn and bacon vodka to start. Even Benjamin Buford from Forrest Gump is amazed at the places bacon is going.

Kitchen Toys – if your family geek is like my family geek, they like to spend time in the kitchen. So why not salt and pepper shakers that look like rockets, coffee cups that look like lab beakers or an OCD ctting board to make sure every dice is the same size and shape?

zom_book.pngHipster Literature – books are great way to share a sense of humor. if your geek is also a parent, they’ll appreciate Goodnight iPad‘s tongue-in-cheek reminder to unplug the gadgets and spend time as a family. The Zombie Survival Guide plays right into the heart of those who are obsessed with The Walking Dead or participate in random zombie walks. The Book of Awesome is a modern day version of Chicken Soup For the Soul. The book is full of small chunks of great and meaningful things that will help remind you to not sweat the small stuff.

Ironically Old School – Getting cases for new technology to make them look like vintage tech is a great way to go. We loved the iCade at last year’s CES. It’s a stand for your iPad to make it play like an old school arcade game. You can get iPhone cases to make them look like calculators and iPod cases to make them look like cassettes.  There’s even an iPhone case Gordon Gekko would love.

If I haven’t hit a genre that fits your geek here are 5 other websites to seek out the awkward for inspiration: Think GeekGifts.com, Busted Tees, Threadless, NeatOShop.

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