24hrs Blogosphere Buzz: 07.02.08

kinzinThe gang at Kinzin went through more than 4 dozen potential names before settling on one they liked, that also had a .com domain name available. The meaning behind the name Kinzin is rather simple: the kin part is obvious; the site is about family, while zin is a Creole word meaning story. The site is all about helping families tell their stories to each other, so it was a natural and perfect choice (and Kinzin.com was available at the time).

protagonizeNick Bouton’s Protagonize was also nominated for a Canadian New Media Award for Excellence in Social Media Websites. “Protagonize is a creative writing community dedicated to writing various forms of collaborative, interactive fiction.” says Nick. It’s a site where people work together to create stories that branch off into many sub-stories and side tales. Think “choose your own adventure” books from back in the day, and you’re on the right track.

If you want to learn more about the Social Media scene and how you can use social networking to help your business, make a run for the border next weekend. SocialMediaCamp hits Seattle on July 12. It’s a free event that is all about the community getting together and sharing what they know about podcasting, blogging, and networking. There will be 2 tracks, one for beginners and one for those more into ideological discussions.

YouTube and JoostSocial Networking is here to stay, Telindus in Europe did a recent survey and found nearly 40% of those 18-24 would quit their job if the workplace locked out access to sites like Facebook and YouTube. However, actually blocking the sites from the office computer still might not keep the content out of the office environment. With more people switching to smart phones, they’ll still be able to access the sites they want from their pocket, instead of their desktop.


We’re into the final days before the iPhone is finally released in Canada July 11. Last week Rogers unveiled their pricing plans to go with the 3 year contract. They’ve been advertised as starting at $60, but once you add taxes, fees, and some extra features many consider to be basic, you’ll be pushing $90. That leaves you in one of two camps – either joining the 42 members at the Facebook iPhone Buying Party, or adding to the 22 000+ signatures on the Ruined iPhone petition at RuinediPhone.com.

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