24hrs Blogosphere Buzz: 07.09.08

This article originally appeared in 24hrs Vancouver on July 9, 2008.

Here’s a sampling of what bloggers are writing about the upcoming iPhone release and the drama surrounding the Rogers plans.

“We’re the early adopters of technology- we’re supposed to be a slam dunk to buy an iPhone and then evangelize until the whole world has one. At least, that’s likely what Steve Jobs would have hoped. Trouble is, without any unlimited plan to speak of, the iPhone will remain a luxury toy and not the useful, widely-adopted communications device it’s meant to be.”JordanBehan.com

“Rogers has unveiled its pricing structure for the iPhone 3G in Canada, and it can be summarized in one syllable. Unfortunately, this is a family-oriented website, so I’ll have to use a different syllable: Ouch. By all appearances, the Rogers iPhone 3G plans are optimized for complexity and designed to milk the consumer dry. Way to go Rogers, you’ve exceeded my expectations, but not in a good way.” BrendonWilson.com

“There’s really only one way to play this in my mind — Roger’s needs to cave before Friday. The negative press is just going to get worse before then. If Rogers doesn’t cave, and the sales end up being dismal, I think it will be a huge blow against Rogers management and the public perception of the company.”DuaneStorey.com

“Canada is in a wireless crisis and Rogers will naturally leverage its position as the sole GSM provider to mandate the longest contracts of any provider anywhere in the world and offer less for more. This is a product of a Canadian market that is among the least competitive in the world. Sadly, petitions won’t change this dynamic either.”Michael Geist.ca

“Here’s a way for Rogers to get out of its iPhone PR pickle: unveil a $130/month plan with unlimited data and, say, 1,000 voice day-time (non-weekend) minutes:

Play the mea culpa card: “Canadians, we goofed by not realizing how much you wanted to use the iPhone to access the Web. Our bad. Here’s how we’re going to make it up to you”…or something like that.” MarkEvansTech.com



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