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This article originally appeared in 24hrs Vancouver on June 18, 2008.

More photo tips can be found at the TWiP (This Week in Photography) podcast. This week’s episode has Vancouver’s Lisa Bettany guesting. “The energy of San Francisco makes Vancouver feel like a sleepy seaside village,” says Lisa as she competed in such Silcon Valley party activities as iPhone stacking. It’s like Jenga, but with iPhones.

mars phoenixIf you’re on Twitter and not following @MarsPhoenix, you’re missing out on some serious geek laughter. The probe that has landed on Mars looking for water and signs of life has its own Twitter account updated by Mission Control. The humour and personality of the posts are hilarious.

If you want to know more about the proposed Canadian digital copyright law, from a consumer’s point of view, read Ottawa Law Professor Michael Geist’s blog. Last year Geist led online protests that slowed the introduction of the legislation. His blog is not all lawyer speak, he explains the proposals in basic language using real world examples as to how this legislation could affect your day to day activities.

Friday is the Great b5media Blog Off, a 24 hour charity blog-a-thon. Starting at June 20th at 12:01a, the site’s network of bloggers have promised to post fresh content at least once an hour for 24 hours straight. Vancouver social media star, Colleen Coplick, and her BuzzNetworker blog, is up to the challenge to help raise money for Accion International, a site that offers small loans to international entrepreneurs.

95Crave’s morning team, Nat and Drew, celebrated Free Rice Day last week and helped fund more than 5 Million grains of rice for the world’s poor. FreeRice.com is a vocabulary game that rewards you with 20 grains of rice for each correct answer. Nat and Drew had their listeners play simultaneously at 11a, encouraging everyone to take 4 Minutes to save the world.



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