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This article originally appeared in 24hrs Vancouver on August 13, 2008.

The highlights of the Olympics will eventually make their way to YouTube on the Official YouTube Summer Games Channel with content from official partners The New York Times, Reuters, Associated Press and assorted European broadcasters. The clips come up at least 24hrs after the event, but they are online andwill offer a different perspective when seen from different countries.

Future Shop has redesigned its Park Royal store with a greater focus on education. Future Shop VP Todd Empey admits they may have borrowed some ideas from Apple where learning how to best use technology is just as valuable as selling the goods. The Future Shop store is the first in Canada to feature The Connected Home hub in the center complete with experts to show you how technology connects throughout your home.

Congratulations to Maura Rodgers and Danny Robinson. The Vancouver techstars were married in Victoria on the weekend. Colleague Jordan Behan tweets: “There was a great crowd that didn’t let a little rain ruin a good time. “ Before building a new life together, the two founded Strutta.com, a friendly website celebrating the competitive spirit.

VancouverIsAwesome.com has launched a new initiative called Hood Wars. Site contributors will be responsible for convincing readers their neighborhood is the best in the city. First up is Jeff Choy to prop up Hastings-Sunrise. Jeff loves having Highway 1 in the heart of his hood. “I kinda like the idea of having your own exit. It’s like like in 8 mile; but not really,” he writes.

Another startup has joined the Techcouver map. AdHack launched into Beta last week and is a place for users to create fresh and new advertising creative. The site acts like an eBay for ads, where creators and advertisers can connect on some new ideas. For example, you might have a better idea than the Mr. Muffin commercial that pops on seemingly every 10 minutes during Olympic coverage.



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  1. August 13, 2008

    Hey Buzz, thanks for mentioning AdHack in your roundup of local tech happenings. We’re keen to get connected with anyone looking to create an ad — video, image, audio, whatever! — or looking to source an ad.

    We’ve got a handful of great local tech companies onboard buying ads and we’re game to find more.

    And anyone with a better Mr. Muffin ad, please create it, upload it to AdHack and let’s put it out its misery!

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