24hrs Blogosphere Buzz: 2008.08.20

This article originally appeared in 24hrs Vancouver on Augsut 20, 2008.

You may have heard of Brendan Baker, a local guy who was using the web to try and crowdsource $90 000 to fulfill his dream of attending Oxford for an MBA in social entrepreneurship. Instead of using a DreamBank to reach out to family and friends, he created 3bucksforbrendan.com where he hoped to get $3 from 30 000 different people. sadly the deadline for school has passed with just over $11 000 raised towards the total.

Many dreams have come true in Beijing over the past week and a half, the first of them for Carol Huynh from Hazelton. She won Canada’s first gold medal of the games in wrestling, and the praise has been flowing to her website from across the country ever since. Share your thoughts at

There will be a longer lineup than normal at the border this weekend as the local blogosphere packs up its MacBooks to head to Seattle for Gnomedex. The tech conference promises to “become the crossroads between producers and observers, between users and developers.” In plain English, that means many people will be discussing, blogging, podcasting and new media and how to make it better. Keynoters this year include notorious author Sarah Lacy.

Big box movie theatres are no longer all about movies. Already you can go to them to watch pay-per-view hockey games or wrestling events, and this weekend saw the launch of a program that will have buddies renting out the big screens for a little Xbox 360 action. The CBC is reporting you, and up to 11 buddies, can reserve a 2 hour window for a screen, mostly in the mornings, for $179. You can bring your own games, or choose from the theatre’s library.

Do you think you spend a little bit too much time pointing and clicking? Then visit the center for Internet Addiction Recovery. Seriously, such a place exists – except to learn about it you need to be online. They have a little quiz, you can answer some questions about your usage and it will tell you whether or not you have a problem. Actually you could substitute the word “internet” for “alcohol, “drugs,” or “gambling” and get an equally valuable result.



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