24hrs Blogosphere Buzz: 2008.09.03

This article originally appeared in 24hrs Vancouver on September 3, 2008.

The trend to moving educational content online was pioneered by MIT in 2001 when they created something called OpenCourseWare (OCW). Currently there are lecture notes, readings, videos, and exams for more than 1,800 MIT courses online for free. More than 200 universities participate in the OCW movement, including one Canadian institution, Capilano College. Business, Math, Philosophy and Computer Science are just some of the disciplines offered by Cap College through OCW.

20 years ago when I was at SFU, you could grab audio copies of some lectures from the library, now many are podcast through the university’s website within an hour after the class is over. Last year more than 450 courses and over 7800 lectures were found through the SFU Podmaster. The service is restricted to those only registered in the classes that are podcast and all information on how to access the lectures is at

For those headed back to school with an iPhone in the bag you’ll need to boost it up with some educating apps. Evernote lets you take notes on the iPhone and sync with your desktop and the internet. Lifehacker calls it “perhaps the closest option to a true universal capture tool available next to plain old pen and paper.” Even if you prefer pen and paper, by taking a picture of your notes, you can make them searchable with Evernote.

Kevin Rose, creator of Digg and spreader of Apple rumours has dropped a juicy one on the internet this week. Kevin says Apple will unveil a new iPod design this Tuesday, September 9. The new iPod Nano will be long and slim and feature a bigger screen. Kevin’s sources also hint there could be a price drop in the iPod touch to bring it in line with the pricing of the iPhone.

Google has unveiled a new browser to compete with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Chrome was released yesterday and promises a more stable surfing experience that is “clean and fast. It gets out of your way and gets you where you want to go.” Much of Google’s empire is built to be accessed through the internet and a web browser. From the search engine to their suite of cloud computing apps, it only made sense for Google to crash the browsing party.



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