3 Easy Ways To Reduce The Size Of Your PDF

Do you have a fantastic pdf and you want to add lots of images and graphics? However, what worries you the most is the enormous size of the file once you add in the pictures. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to reduce the size of a pdf so that you can optimize it for the web.

Let us explore these methods.

Ways to reduce the size of a pdf

Compress the images

When you want to reduce the size of a pdf, then the simplest approach is to remove all the tags that are present in the file. You can achieve this by using any program that has the print to pdf option. You can accomplish this with only a few steps. The first step is to open up the pdf and use the save as option to save the file with a new name. Select pdf in the file type. The third step is to compress the images and
optimise the file for the web view.

When you want to compress your pdf, then you should ensure the fact that you go for a pdf editor that has a specific option to remove unnecessary objects because this can add up to the size of your file. The best approach is that before opting in for pdf compression go through the file in detail. Prepare a list of images that need compression. When you follow an organised approach, then you will be able to
compress the file without the need to compromise on the look and feel of the pdf.

Figure out what is consuming the unused space

There are times when there is unused space in your pdf, but you are not aware of the space. Ideally, you should have a clear idea about what is increasing the file size. If you go for a good quality pdf editor, then it has advanced features with a pdf optimiser option. If you dig down further into the pdf optimiser, you will be able to locate the space usage option which gives you a detailed picture about the space allocation of the file.

Select the appropriate colour scheme for your pdf file

Do you know that even the colour can be a major concern and may contribute to the size of the file? What you need to do is make use of the RGB colour space instead of CMYK. When you go for the RGB colour, then you will notice a significant reduction in the file size.

When you go for a reputed pdf editor, then you will notice the fact that the compression process will not take long as well so follow the suggested methods to get the best results fast. Remember the size will affect the way the file gets viewed or transferred. Make sure that you keep your pdf file small and simple. If you need a good pdf editor that allows pdf compression, then do not miss out Sodapdf. It is a great choice for sure.

The reason is that you can avail the split pdf feature. The split pdf feature is of great value when you need to reduce the size of a file. For example, if you feel that your pdf file is huge and sending it via email to the client is becoming a hassle, then the simple option is that you can extract some of the pages from the pdf file and convert those pages into a separate pdf file. Make sure that you put this feature to use.



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