4 Ways You Can Show Off Your Blog Branding At Conferences

Blog Conference Branding Ideas - Moo Cards

[twitter]John Chow BitchYou always know when John Chow is in the room. The online marketer famous for posing with photos of big commission cheques always wears his brand when he’s at a conference.

John wears the “I’m John Chow Bitch” shirt while his affiliates also fly the flag with “I’m With John Chow Bitch” shirts. They stand out, and you always know when you’re talking to John Chow or one of his disciples. That is effective blog branding at a time when you want to stand out in a crowd of other bloggers.

I don’t want to be that coarse, but in a room full of bloggers and brands, you want people to know who you are the moment they see you, without having to squint at trying to remember a twitter avatar or facebook photo.

Think of it like a sports jersey. It only takes a split second to recognize affiliation.

So when I speak at the Dad 2.0 Summit in New Orleans this month, I will be branded.


I wanted to get shirts and hats with my logo made. I really do like the DadCAMP campfire icon , but the cost to get one-offs is just too much. While I like the logo, I can’t imagine trying to sell them to others, and I’m not in a position to start swagging them out to people. So, instead, I’m headed to The Rocket in Calgary to get a couple of simple shirts with bold lettering announcing my name and my brand.


When working the room and networking with the other Dads and brands, I’ll be passing out my Moo Cards. Moo.com is the best place I have found to get cards done. Not the cheapest, VistaPrint is likely that, but the best. The cards are thick and durable, totally customizable, and come in a variety of sizes. I have some with photos of me, some with the boys, some with the cyberbuzz media logo. While I wanted to get another batch done specifically for Dad 2.0, I had enough of my scatter pack to just bring those.

Blog Conference Branding Ideas - Moo Cards


When tweeting and tagging everyone at meetups and gatherings, I’ll be taking pictures with my iPhone in a Casetagram. This company produces durable, solid mobile phone cases you can totally customize. You can choose from a variety of layouts, and filters. You then sync photos from desktop, Facebook, or Instagram, and make a case. I’ve got one specifically with the boys on it and the DadCAMP logo.

Blog Conference Branding Ideas - Casetagram


Then there’s my Gelaskin. Many years ago I received my first as a gift from JP Holecka. It was a scribble of a flock of cranes and whenever I worked in a cafe, people would stop and take note. It became an ice breaking conversation starter. When I’m working in a session, or sitting on the stage, my logo, not Apple’s, will be showing to every passer by.

I’ve created my own Gelaskin of the epic lightsaber pose my boys threw down at Dinosaur Provincial Park. A quick photo edit got the lightsabers in their hand, and it was nothing to get the sticker shipped an on my Macbook Air in time for the conference. Now, whenever I’ve got the book open taking notes, I’ve got something to break the ice and start things up.

Blog Conference Branding Ideas - Gelaskins

That’s how I’ll be flying the DadCAMP flag at Dad 2.014 – how do you kick your blog branding up for conferences?



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  1. January 7, 2014

    Love the part about the business cards. I used a site called Printstagram and love the quality, I think personalized cards on better cardstock make you really stand out!

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