5 Awesome Gifts for Designers

There are few harder people to buy gifts for than designers. Not only do they demand the latest in technological innovation, but it seems that they also require the gadget to look effortlessly stylish too.

So here’s a look at the top gadgets that stand the best chance of appeasing those notoriously hard-to- please design aficionados!

Snap Spectacles


Wearables have a bad reputation for being a little short on style. But Snapchat’s first entry into the wearables market has won a lot of acclaim for being stylish and easy to use. The Snap Spectacles act as a wearable video camera that can be seamlessly linked into your social media output, so that whether you’re showing off your latest design masterpiece, or are sharing your most outrageous table gaming win at Red Flush, you’re friends will be the first to know!

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet


Designers will love Microsoft’s snappy new hybrid device that offers all of the simplicity of a powerful little tablet, but the added bonus of a great stylus pen that’ll help them make their design ideas a lot simpler to jot down. And with a luxurious 12.3-inch screen offering the chance to relax with streamed movies or some exciting casino games, it’s an all-round winner.

Apple Air Pods

air pods

All designers love Apple for their sleek aesthetic. And the brand have been first in line in dropping obsolete tech like floppy disks, CD drives and wired headphones. And with the Apple Air Pods being a great wireless way to listen to the audio from those online games without getting tangled up in cables, it will provide a great design lesson from this famous designer-friendly brand.

Amazon Echo


If your designer friend is seeking a little assistance in getting their hectic home and work life organised, consider getting them the Amazon Echo. This unobtrusive voice-activated assistant can do everything from controlling lighting and heating to providing surround-sound music at just a single command. And it’ll also remind you when it’s time to relax and play another quick video game!

Fitbit Alta


Obviously life isn’t all about design and games, and this is why fitness trackers like the Fitbit Alta have become essential items for designers and beyond. Keeping an eye on your fitness stats has been made a real joy thanks to this sleek and stylish bracelet that’ll track your activity and be the envy of your friends and will show that there’s few things that a little tech can’t help with!



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