5 Ways to Save Face with Facebook

This article originally appeared in 24hrs Vancouver on May 7, 2008.

wild facebook pics Social networking sites are blurring the lines between professional and personal.

While it’s a quick and easy way to share the raunchy pics from your wicked girls weekend in Whistler, they might not be appropriate for prospective clients, co workers or management to see.

Go ahead and Google yourself. If those pictures on your Facebook profile are the first things you see, they could also be the first thing your employer, or prospective employer will see. Sure, you may have all the references in the world, but Google is the ultimate background checker and your Facebook profile could sink you.

Facebook is great for finding old friends and classmates, but that novelty can quickly wear off. The business applications for the site are starting to bubble up as app creators are now adding business tools to the mix of quizzes and Scrabble clones.

So why not turn Facebook into a tool to advance your career, or at the least, tone it down to keep the one you’ve got?

Here are 5 ways to save face with Facebook:

1. PRIVACY – You can create multiple levels of profile access for different friends. Your true pals can see all on your site, while those who you have a more professional relationship with will only be able to see things like your contact email, a few profile photos and your feed. Look in the upper right hand corner of your profile and click the Privacy tab. Set the permissions for different levels and then sort your friends from there.

2. SHARED FEEDS – If you want to use your profile to boost your career, start posting interesting articles for others to see and comment on. Many blogs have a “Share This” button on them that will let you add it to your Facebook page. You could also use the Notes feature as a blog with insight you may have on issues in your industry.

3. GROUPS – You may think it’s fun to join the “Everyday at 4:20 I Crave Doritos” Group, your boss wont.

4. EASE ON THE APP INVITES – Yes, you think superpoking and zombie biting is fun, most of the rest of us don’t. Facebook apps spread like viruses by asking you to immediately invite your friends to add what you just added. If you have a lot of professional contacts on Facebook, spamming with invites will quickly get you “unfriended.”

5. WHAT WOULD MOM SAY? – Here’s a rule of thumb when posting pictures of statii or notes to Facebook – don’t put up anything you wouldn’t want your mom to see. It should keep you within the bounds of professionalism, without losing your entire personality.

Facebook has evolved beyond college kids. The largest demographic, and the fastest growing, on Facebook is those 25 or older. Which means your boss is on it, and using it to check up on you.

Just ask Charlie Barrow, Devon Bourgeois, James Wood and Zach Good. They were all fired for comments they posted on Facebook, groups they joined or just spending too much time on the site.

Go back and read the above list again and you’ll be fine.

Little Bits:

mostly lisa bumMostly Lisa had this photo (left) on the front of her blog this week. She used it to start a discussion on the ethics of blog monetization. I think the picture was a joke, if you have $100k, contact her and find out.

John Chow has no problem with monetizing his blog. He released his monthly status report this week and was disappointed his revenues dropped last month. He “only” made $29 569.05. Learn how you can be this disappointed at JohnChow.com

If you have a blog with WordPress and missed WordPressCamp last week, check out Miss604.com. She liveblogged the event and has all the tips and tricks you’ll need on her site.

Facebook has added live chat to its list of features. It works just like other instant messaging software. When you’re on the site, look in the bottom right hand corner to see who’s online and get sucked in to wasting more time by chatting the workday away.

The iPhone is coming and so is an official Apple store. You may have seen the boarded up space in Pacific Centre across from Harry Rosen now sports the juicy Apple logo. Palluxo.com is reporting the opening date will be August 19. Apple has yet to officially make an announcement.

catch the buzz … pass it on.

This article was originally published in 24hrs Vancouver on May 7, 2008



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