5MP Camera Phone

samsungPhotography experts will tell you that megapixels aren’t everything. Unless you’re making large photos, the most you really need is 5.

Well, get ready to get that in a phone.

The Samsung SGH-G800 is the “world’s first” 5 megapixel camera phone WITH 3x optical zoom. Technically, the Nokia N95 was first but Samsung counters with “we have the first one with opitcal zoom.” By comparison, the iPhone has a 2.0 megapixel camera.

A sleek device, the G800 looks like a streamlined digital camera on one side and a fashionable mobile phone on the other side. The handset is equipped with advanced camera technology like face detection, and also provides a very easy tool for sharing images and videos.

Plus, the Samsung G800 offers professional video editing functions so that you can easily cut, paste, and edit your own films, and a mobile blogging feature to upload to yourfavorite User Created Content sites very easily. Oh, and it’s a phone too.

Samsung unveiled the device at CES this year, so it’s one of those cool things “coming soon,” it’s not quite ready for prime time – yet.

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