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A Great Alternative to MyVegas – Which Also Happens to be Free

MyVegas is fun, not to mention its rewards, that are always welcome. Here’s an alternative with a more diverse selection of games that is also free.

Shaq Is On MyVegas With CaddyShaq and ShaqJack

Shaq is on MyVegas with a chance for fans to win jerseys and balls by playing CaddyShaq or ShaqJack on MyVegas on Facebook.

How To Get SOLD OUT MyVegas Rewards Easier

It can be frustrating to constantly see SOLD OUT MyVegas Rewards. Here are some tips to get through faster and win those MyVegas Rewards for yourself!

New myVegas Blackjack Game Added To myVegas Mobile App

If you want to earn free comps and rewards in Las Vegas, you should play myVegas. The Playstudios game has added myVegas Blackjack to their mobile app. Here’s an overview of what to expect and how to play:

How To Play Perfect MyVegas Strategy To Earn More MyVegas Rewards

There is a perfect MyVegas Strategy to play to insure you earn the maximum loyalty points for each spin. This will earn MyVegas rewards faster. Here’s how to do it:

Strategy Guides To Get MyVegas Free Chips And Bonus Games

To get the most MyVegas free chips, you need to follow perfect MyVegas strategy. Here’s how to play the games and collect bonuses for free comps in Vegas.

How To Use MyVegas Cheats On Facebook To Earn Free Las Vegas Comps

If you want some MyVegas Cheats so you can earn faster comps in Las Vegas, I’ve got the perfect strategy guide here, but it’s still going to take some work. I went to Vegas and ate and drank for free simply by playing the sorts of games you’re already playing on Facebook.

How to Win a Trip to the Strip This March

Royal Vegas has a chance for you to win a trip to the strip this March.

How To Hide Candy Crush Addiction From Your Friends On Facebook

If you want to play Facebook games like Candy Crush or MyVegas without anyone knowing, it’s very easy – just tweak your permission settings so you’re the only one that sees the updates. Here’s how:

The Secret Way Bloggers Try To Increase Influence

There is a dirty underside of the blogging community. One where bloggers increase influence through cliquey clubs and shady tactics. In the pursuit of a monetized blog, thousands of bloggers are getting into the sharing game – because it works.

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