A Great Alternative to MyVegas – Which Also Happens to be Free

royal vegas

MyVegas is fun. It’s an incredibly entertaining game, which I can play with for hours at a time. Not to mention its rewards, that are always welcome. But there are some times when I feel bored of its game variety. Sometimes I wish I had more games to choose from, a more diverse collection of games I could play either at home, or on my phone. And also to be free.

To my surprise, I discovered that everything I need is just a click away, provided by a real money gaming portal that’s high rated and secure – the Royal Vegas casino. Wait, you might say, how come it’s free? Isn’t real money gaming about, well, real money? Apparently it not always is. As Royal Vegas has an option for its players to test drive its services completely free of charge, no matter which platform they wish to try.

And it is a place where you can play the best online games. The Royal Vegas offers a collection of slots and more provided by Microgaming, a veteran game developer based in the Isle of Man. Microgaming offers its customers a mix of original content and licensed titles from third parties, with the only requirement being for the game to be amazing. This means that the Royal Vegas has games – mostly slot machines – with themes like movies (Jurassic Park, Terminator 2: Judgement Day) and TV series (Battlestar Galactica comes is the first to come to mind), sports like ice hockey, soccer or basketball, but fairy tales (Leprechaun’s Luck), mythology (Thunderstruck and the Legend of Olympus) and many other things are also covered.

Playing at the Royal Vegas for free is easy – all you need to do is visit its website and choose the game you like. On mobile you can play with its whole collection of almost 100 games, while on desktop you can try about half of its complete game library. To access the complete range of over 700 games it has you will need to download its software (it’s free – and quite small) and install it on a Windows-based computer. To play with it, you will need to register an account, and log on to the casino in “practice mode”.

Aside from the fact that you will instantly gain access to a huge collection of games, there is one small thing that will make your day: it won’t constantly tell you to opt into its special offers or to share your progress on Facebook. It will remind you that playing free will keep your winnings virtual, but other than that the gaming experience is uninterrupted.

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