The Gospel According to Steve

appleThe MacWorld keynote from Steve Jobs was today. Big news? Well, it broke Twitter the moment it started, so yeah.

Apple gets so much play from mainstream media when they make annoucements because Steve gets it. He hit the stage, said he had 4 things to talk about, and talked about them. Bill Gates gets into theories and hypotheses and future predictions about what the world might look like, Steve tells you how it is. How it will be, starting now.

Steve had 4 announcements. He set them up and knocked them down. Here it is, here’s how it works, applause, next.

Apple prides itself on being easy to use and easy to understand, Steve works his keynotes the same way.

So enough rambling, here’s what’s up.

1. Time Capsule – a Mac branded external hard drive to work with Time Machine in Leopard. Yes, all of a sudden “backing up” will be a buzz word in mainstream media. Despite the fact you should have been doing it all along!

2. iPhone and iPod Touch software updates

3. iTunes – all the major studios are on board and you’ll be able to rent movies. This is what the AppleTV was made for. Take stuff from iTunes on your computer and play it on your big tv. Now instead of podcasts you’ll have a full roster of tv shows and movies. Oh, and they’re re-releasing AppleTV as an iTunes device that won’t require a computer.

4. MacBook Air – the super thin, rumour came true.

In and out in an hour.
catch the buzz … pass it on.



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