Amazon Kindle Coming to Canada?

Nuevo Kindle de AmazonAmazon Kindle anyone? Not in Canada.

The internet bringeth the world together, but it also separateth the world apart.

I haven’t seen that written in stone anywhere, but the web is a frustrating place as it shrinks and eliminates borders worldwide, giving us greater appreciation into what are neighbours are up to, and creating envy in the same breath as we’re blocked from enjoying the same.


Hulu is a video website that is being hailed as a saviour (of sorts) for old school broadcasters to combat YouTube by streaming content online while still being able to wrap it in their own ads. Hulu is great – if you live in the US.

iTunes is a great place to get music and apps, but each country has it’s own iTunes music store. That means the music we see in Canada isn’t the same as the music they see in the States – and neither are the apps. Heard a lot about the Pandora iPhone app? I not available in the Canadian iTunes store.

The Amazon Kindle is widely looked at as a device that will change books the way iPods changed music. That may be great and all, but we can’t get the Kindle in Canada. Pity.

The Tech Chicklets are Alberta podcasters who have started an online petition to get the device released in Canada.

“The Tech Chicklets believe that if the Canadian support for the Kindle is demonstrable through the Kindle Petition, the major players are more likely to find solutions,” says Tech Chicklet Liz Medwid.

Liz is impressed with the Kindle’s ability to advance literacy not only for youth who are used to reading their information from screens, but for the elderly who will appreciate the Kindle’s ability to easily increase font size and smoothly turn pages.

“The Kindle DX is of particular interest to the senior market because it facilitates page-turning for people with arthritis,” writes Liz. “It will also make a big splash with students, since Amazon has started coordinating with universities and incorporating text books into their collection.”

While some may argue the lack of Kindle in the US has something to do with the difficulty of negotiating a deal with a cellular provider (similar to what we saw with the delayed iPhone release), IndexMB offers a different hypothesis:

“the Kindle uses a evdo modem that works on Sprint’s cell network in the US. Most people think Amazon contracted directly with Sprint. They didn’t. They signed up with one of Sprint’s MVNO’s — Jasper. Jasper was a new company at the time and I am willing to bet that Amazon’s contract with Jasper is exclusive. For the Kindle to grow, Jasper has to grow. And the MVNO market is dead everywhere but in the US and Jasper’s specialty — machine-to-machine cellular — has yet to explode like I bet they were hoping.” [Index//MB]

When Oprah went on TV with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos last year and proclaimed the Kindle “my new favorite, favorite thing in the world,” it was a great watershed moment in publishing – for the American world.



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  1. July 25, 2009

    So you know, Canadians can access Hulu by downloading a free program called Hot Spot Shield, made by Anchorfree. It basically makes your computer think that you are in the states, which allows you to watch.

  2. John
    September 2, 2009

    The Kindle is the future and Canada is stuck in the past. What a joke.

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