Amazon Kindle

Amazon hopes to do for reading what apple did to music listening.

Just as the iPod has revolutionized the digital music market, the Kindle has been released to try and take reading to the next level.

The Kindle from Amazon is an ebook reader. For $400 you get what looks like a tablet computer that stores dozens of books for you to take and read anywhere. It uses e ink, so its easier to read in bright light, unlike your laptop. You can also subscribe to newspapers and blogs, which are delivered to the device via a wireless connection.

You’ve seen the commercials where people are reading virtual paper, this is the first generation of a device that could make it come true.

But the Kindle is receiving mixed reviews. I mean, the book isn’t broke – do we need a device like this? But there are hopes voracious readers will be wooed by the chance to carry dozens of books on one device instead of heavy tomes in bags on their shoulders.
These early adopters are needed to get it over the early hump to have all the kinkew worked out.

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