An iTunes Alternative From Amazon

amazon mp3Yesterday was a big day for iPod and Sansa and Creative giving. Digital music players are bringing big smiles, now it’s time to load it up with music.

If you want a reliable, consistent way to buy music online, chances are you’re using the iTunes store to get your stuff.

The price is good, at 99 cents, and since it seamlessly fits into your iTunes software, sorting and managing music is dead easy.

Amazon has an interesting competitor launched this past year offering tunes a dime cheaper.

Amazon MP3 is a music download site that not only has most tracks available cheaper than iTunes, they also serve up songs without the chains of DRM.
DRM, or digital rights management. refers to controls used by publishers and copyright holders to limit usage of digital media or devices. DRM can limit the number of times you can copy your tracks, or even the devices you can play them on. Amazon MP3s have no DRM so you can do whatever you want with the song once you buy it.
One other thing Amazon has over iTunes is encryption, the downloads are at 256k, double what Apple offers. The only drawback is the lack of selection .. but that will change as more consumers do.

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