An App To Teach You How To Camp

An App To Teach You How To Camp

Parks Canada Learn To Camp App - DadCAMP

[twitter]The online bio for @DadCAMP explains it clearly. While the handle for this blog may be DadCAMP, I am “terrible at actual camping.” I grew up camping, but there was a good 20+ years in between being a son and being a father where I didn’t camp much – and I forgot how to do it.

So now my phone is my friend, a how to camp app from Parks Canada. TGhe Learn to Camp app is available on Android and iOS.

In addition to information on the basics of camping, the century-old agency has added information that will appeal to both experienced campers, as well as to families seeking a small corner of paradise.

“Among other things, this new version includes a search function to find activities close to home,” explains Tamara Tarasoff of Parks Canada. “For example, you can identify the best place to go hiking or canoeing in a nearby national park. Owners of recreational vehicles have not been not been forgotten either. They will be able to find out which parks have campsites that are ideal for them.”

Parks Canada’s app also features a selection of practical videos that are easy to share on social media, where you can determine the equipment that will be necessary and the clothing recommended. You can also learn how to store your food to avoid night-time visits from small animals wanting to taste your latest culinary creation.

Learn To Camp App - DadCAMPOn the topic of food, Learn to Camp offers full meal ideas that are as simple to prepare as they are delicious. “Since the launch of the app, our greatest success is undoubtedly the muffin cooked in an orange peel over a wood fire. Easy to prepare, it will appeal to children and will be a perfect snack for your hike,” adds Tarasoff.

All that remains now is to choose the location and with more than 11 000 locations in Parks Canada‘s 44 national parks, there is a lot to choose from. You can see my favorite kid-friendly camping spots around Calgary here.

While I’m getting better at camping, and the boys love it, it’s still just a ‘one night only’ event in the wilderness on scattered weekends in the summer.

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