in Canada is a lot different than in the US. In Canada its old school – just books and dvds and stuff like that. In the US, is the ultimate department store – it sells everything.

Twitter is a tasty little tidbit that lets you blog, in real time, what you’re doing as you’re doing it. Standing in line at a movie? Checking your email? Making Borscht? You can use twitter to post a message to the web to tell your friends what you’re up to.

One man’s trash is another treasure, so of you really don’t need another spice rack, I’d bet someone on eBay does! If you’re new to ebay, you quickly realize the listing of items is the most tedious part of the selling experience. Here’s a way to make it easy on a Mac.

Amazon has an interesting competitor launched this past year offering tunes a dime cheaper than iTunes. Amazon MP3 is a music download site that not only has most tracks available cheaper than iTunes, they also serve up songs without the chains of DRM.

The burning log channel on tv is huge this time of year, so why not have one on your iPod? Yes, it’s a fireplace in your pocket.

Forgot someone out of town and can’t get the gift mailed on time? Use e-mail!

iTunes gift cards are easily found at places like Safeway, but you can also gift them via email.

It may be the final weekend before Christmas, but the stores want to remind you to save some for after Christmas.

Future Shop has a flyer out this weekend advertising their big sale for the 26th, but their website has – with even BIGGER deals.

The iPhone isn’t available in Canada – yet. But if you’re sick of waiting for that sleek touchscreen design – wait no longer.

What seemed like a marathon when the decorations went up the day after Thanksgiving, has turned into an all-out sprint. If you’re ready to brave the elbows and horns and angst this weekend you need a plan.

These tiny headsets hang off your ear and use a short distance wireless protocol to work with your phone. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...