Best Flight Tracking App For Travelers: Flight Track

Best Flight Tracking App: FlightTrack

Best Flight Tracking App: FlightTrack

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[$4.99 iOS | $5.31 Android] Tomorrow morning I am off to New Orleans for the Dad 2.0 Summit. The weather in the south has been nasty this week as assorted Polar Vortexes assault the region with once in a generation weather.

I’ve got a tight connection to get from Calgary to New Orleans through Houston, and I want to be up to date on my fight times, airport gate maps, and be alerted should things change.

Flight Track is a slick flight tracking app for travelers that will keep track of your flights, send you alerts when things change, view seat maps, airport maps, on-time records, and even give you quick access to find new flights and contact your airline should things need to be adjusted.

Here are some Flight Track screen shots to show you how things are set up.

First you search for your scheduled flight on the day you are flying and then save them to the app so you can have your trip on one easy to view screen.

Clicking the clock icon on the bottom of the screen will give you the on-time rating for your flight so you can see if your tight connection is likely to make it or if it’s a flight that is frequently in trouble.

The map icon gives you a look at a Google Map of your likely flight path while the arrow icon gives you the option to dig deeper into your flight by finding alternative options, calling your airline, viewing airport maps, or checking your seat with Seat Guru from within the app.

Flight Track App Screenshots

Below you’ll see some of the extra options highlighted. First the details for my first flight of the day, then a map of George Bush International in Houston where I will have to quickly move between terminals. The end screens show the Seat Guru option and alternative flights should I experience a delay in my travel to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International.

Flight Track App Screenshots

I should add I’m running an version 4.5.4 of Flight Track Pro, the new updated version has recently been pushed to the App Store and Google Play and features other the free Trip Deck to completely manage your itinerary (hotel, car rental, flights etc) as well as the Flight Board which gives you real time information in a flight board panel from airports around the world.



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