Strategy Guides To Get MyVegas Free Chips And Bonus Games

MyVegas Bonus Game St Patrick's Day

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[twitter]MyVegas is a fun Facebook game to earn free comps for Las Vegas. BUT you can’t just spin, spin, spin. If you want to get the most MyVegas free chips when you play MyVegas, you need to follow a strategy. It’s counter-intuitive to the begging nature of the spinning wheels, but if you can attack it analytically, you’ll have the most MyVegas free chips and be on your way to a free comps in Las Vegas a lot faster.

Which Games To Play

Not all MyVegas slots are created equally. They all have different chip values for spins, and so some are not as efficient at gathering Loyalty Points to exchange for MyVegas Rewards.

There’s a great chart that explains which MyVegas Slots games you should play at which level of the game. Yes, it can get tiring to play the same games all the time, especially when it’s not your favorite, but if you want the most MyVegas Loyalty Points for the fewest chips, follow the guide.

Basically, spin at 1,000 chips per spin. While it may fun to be a high roller and break off 15k or 30k on the wheel, you’re not earning Loyalty Points efficiently when you do that. While this blog is all about getting MyVegas free chips, really you want to be earning the Loyalty Points, because that is what gets you the MyVegas Rewards.

When To Play

The other thing to notice is when to play the slots and when not to play. Go into your MyVegas Strip and collect your coins from properties, spin the wheel, share with your friends, and watch for bonus codes on Facebook and Twitter. (Check out this MyVegas Cheats, Tips, and Tricks Guide).

But you shouldn’t always take the chips and play the MyVegas slots right away. You need to watch for bonuses.

MyVegas has bonuses about once a week, or more. There will be Double XP weekends, Happy Hours in the evenings, and Level Up Bonuses. About once a month, there is a theme bonus where you can play game cards to earn even more MyVegas free chips. If you collect your chips over time, and then save them up to play these bonuses, you can really cash in.

The latest bonus is for St Patrick’s Day. For nearly 2 weeks you can play through a series of game cards to earn chips. While you’re playing these bonuses, don’t get carried away, follow the guide to make sure you’re maximizing the Loyalty Point return, while keeping your chips expenses minimal.

Not all bonuses are easy to complete. but if you want MyVegas free chips, collect lots of chips using the MyVegas Cheats and Tips Guide, follow the playing guide, and wait until a bonus time pops up. You’ll get the biggest bang for your make believe buck.

Once you have all your chips, check out this MyVegas Trip Report to discover the best MyVegas Rewards to spend your Loyalty Points on.

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  1. Martha
    November 15, 2014

    My son just went to vegas and used 50,000.00 points he got 2 free rooms for 30,000 two buffetts and tickets for a show it took me two months to collect. But it was worth it. And I only play this game with free chips. Not bad at all

  2. Bob Johnson
    February 17, 2015

    I have been playing for over a year. And finally after all the loosing on the stupid game I just cashed in my tokens for 3 nights and buffets for free with no issues.

  3. February 2, 2017

    The hardest part in myVegas is to keep your chips in your account. I used to play with the rule when you bet first low and then double it each time. When you double it for the fith/sixth time the game HAS TO give you winning spin. This is when you earn. To play with this technique you need a loooot of chips. That was my main problem in the game.

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