Best of CES

CES has come and gone from Las Vegas, in its place the porn convention has moved in. So let’s have a look back at the best of the show.

Each year, tech news leader, c|net hails the best in show, and this year it’s an eco friendly tv from Philips.

Green was a theme across CES this year, and Philips’ 42” LCD is packed with power saving features.

Chief among them is the ability to dim the backlight–by up to five times peak brightness–in response to program material. Dimming the backlight in darker scenes has the dual benefit of saving power and improving black-level performance.

The people also get a voice for Best in Show, and the People’s Voice award went to the Motorola Rokr E8.

Music is a central theme of the Rokr series, but the E8’s real news lies with its unique “ModeShift” technology. Instead of traditional keypad and navigation array, the Rokr features a smooth “glasslike” surface with touch-pad controls that digitally “morph depending on how the handset is used.

As you shift from phone to music to imaging modes, the backlight on the control changes to illuminate only the relevant buttons for your current function. The E8 also features Motorola’s first Haptics keypad with vibrating feedback and a “FastScroll” navigation wheel that makes it pretty seamless to navigate through long playlists.

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