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revolution themesChecking out design blogs is a great way to get a little bit of decorating done every day. Just throw a few chic feeds into your daily online reading routine, and you’ll have no trouble staying on top of the trends — consider it a little bit of window shopping while you work!

If you see a good idea, just bookmark it and save it until you need it. Here are some of my top picks:

Crib Candy is just that — a collection of delicious pieces that don’t follow “big box” trends. This is the spot to find something fun and unique for every room in your life.

2Modern brings together designers, manufacturers, retailers and editors into a single spot dedicated to modern design. Lifestyle, architecture and art are all on the agenda here.

Design*Sponge editor Grace Bonney is a freelancer with mainstream magazines like House and Garden, Better Homes and Garden and Everyday With Rachel Ray. You’ll find a daily dose of product reviews, sales and trend forecasting for savvy shoppers.

Apartment Therapy is a great place for the smaller space. You’ll find all the inspiration you need to create a calm, healthy and beautiful home — without a large bank account (or square footage!) Discover how simplicity and luxury can work hand in hand.

Colour is the first and important step in making your design mark. You might love purple, red and green… but slapping them together from room to room won’t give your space the feng shui flow you need for an easy lifestyle.

Try these tools to pull everything together:

Kuler is a site web designers use to lay out colour themes and styles for internet projects – but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to figure out your real world colour questions. Flip through to find a palette that suits your suite and jot down the hexadecimal colour codes — your local paint store should be able to translate it to a real life paint colour.

• The palette converter at Big Huge Labs takes chance out of the equation. Simply show it a favourite photo or piece of art, and it will build a workable colour palette around the colours in the picture.

This article originally appeared in the March 2008 issue of Vancouver View.

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