Boxing Day Moves to the Web

If you’re not looking forward to tomorrow, but rather the day after tomorrow – then you’d better get ready for tonight. Make sense?

The Future Shop Boxing Day Sale doesn’t start on Friday, it starts today – at 5p. Never mind tucking in to a pre-Christmas gathering of nog and nuts, you’d better cozy up to your mouse and get ready for a long night of clicking. Last year I clicked in to the sale to scoop a memory card and iPod shuffle – it took me 5 1/2 hours to complete the transaction – that’s a lot of time to spend away from the family on Christmas Eve.

In spite of the technical failure of last year, Future Shop is going with the same sale strategy this year but has taken some steps to look for a better result. The site will be down for a few hours this afternoon getting ready and then will relaunch at 5p for the clicking and saving.

“We’ve made a significant investment in the site, and our team has spent the last few months upgrading the infrastructure to support the volume of traffic anticipated,” says Cheryl Grant of Future Shop.

The store encourages you to check out the sales flyer ahead of time and “don’t give up.”

For those more content to spend time with family today and tomorrow and head into the “what recession?” crazy sales on Friday, you can plan ahead too. Victoria Potter of has been scanning all her contacts for the best sale information.

She has the Boxing Day sales broken down by store and region, so if you’re hitting up Robson, Granville, Gastown or the malls, she’ll set you up with a plan to attack the lines.


The true spirit of Christmas is in the giving, and the web can help you do that – even at the last minute.

HomelessPartners.Com has a list of shelters, and Christmas wish lists from people who use those shelters. While you’re running around for your family today, why not pick up work gloves for Ron and drop it off at Cliff Block? He could also use a pair of black sweat pants as he looks for construction work.

Stephen stays at the North Shore Housing Centre and would like a warm jacket and shaving kit.

The website lists more than 100 people looking for humble accessories to help them through life at shelters on the North Shore, Surrey, New West and Vancouver. can help you provide a Christmas gift that will give for eternity. Never mind the billion dollar bailouts from Washington and Ottawa, Kiva helps real entrepreneurs start real businesses.

For example, Goddey needs $1200 to open a grocery store in Nigeria. You don’t need to loan the entire amount, you just make a $25 donation and Kiva handles the rest gathering micro loans from others.

97% of the loans are repaid, and once it is you can simply reloan it to someone else. It’s a one time gift that can give forever.

There’s another site that can help you discover the spirit of the season,

There you can choose to buy a physical gift card which will be mailed out, or send an e-Card with a gift code attached (perfect for a last minute Christmas Eve gift). The receiver then takes this code and donates the balance to any of the charities which are meaningful to them.

This article originally appeared in 24hrs Vancouver on December 24, 2008.



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