Canadian Tire And IKEA Trade Trash Talk Tweets For Gold Medal Hockey

Canadian Tire and IKEA Trash Tweet Before Olympics - cyberbuzz

Canadian Tire and IKEA Trash Tweet Before Olympics - cyberbuzz[twitter]While Tim Horton’s has been asleep at the real-time marketing switch during these games in Sochi, Canadian Tire has been taking nationalism to a new level.

During the final two hockey games of the tournament, as Canada chased gold, Tim Horton’s social media accounts were conspicuously quiet.

And it’s not like they didn’t have opportunities for viral creativity staring them in the face. It was right there waiting for them, a chance to tune in to Canadian nationalism and rally around the topic that was on the lips of every Canadian.

While Tim’s twitter account was active responding to consumer complaints, they only lobbied a few weak efforts at real-time marketing.

In advance of the gold medal hockey game between Canada and Sweden, however, Canadian Tire and IKEA got into it when the hardware store playfully took on the Swedish giant with a few taunting tweets.

As you might expect, the Swedes responded politely and didn’t bite.

Canadian Tire put the hammer down, though, and kept at it right through the final buzzer and Canada’s gold medal.

That’s how you do real-time marketing, gang. You listen to the zeitgeist, you respond with your audience, you speak in their voice. You win.



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