Casetagram Helps You Design Custom Made Smartphone Cases



[twitter]We have never taken more pictures before in the history of the world and yet we have never seen so few of them. We take them, we share them, and then they slide into the archive of our phone never to be seen again.

Print your pictures. Do something with them. Get them on your walls in frames, on mugs, or into your smartphone case.

Casetagram is a nifty little site that takes your pictures (Facebook, Desktop, Instagram..) and then prints them onto a smartphone (Galaxy/Nexus/iPhone), iPod, or iPad cover.

You can choose from a variety of layouts. You can pick your pics and then have it auto-fill a variety of templates, or you can meticulously place each one.

Once you have your pics put where you want, you even have the option of adding a few fancy filters to really give it the Instagram approach.

You can easily sync the app (mobile or desktop) with Facebook, or Instagram, or you can upload your own pictures that aren’t online. You can mess around with layouts and save ideas to a folder without having to fork over anything.

If you don’t want a personal photo collage, you can also choose from a variety of graphic displays that are ready made and browsable on the site. An iPhone 5 case is $40, which is comparable to the prices you’ll find on the racks of the Apple Store, especially since this one is customized.

The actual case is a simple clip in variety, it’s durable but it is not an Otterbox. It will protect your corners from getting cracked, but don’t expect it to do much more than that. This is a fashion with limited function choice, and there’s nothing wrong with that.





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