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If you’ve never had a broken iPhone, you haven’t lived. Here’s the top ways people break or lose their phones, cause we all do it.

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Easy To Way To Better Manage Your iPhone Home Screen Icons

iPhone icons are ugly. Collect them into a folder and it is anything but elegant. Sure, Jonny Ive has done a great job of thinning the fonts, flattening the icons, and making the folders translucent, but it is still not a sleek elegant look. Check out this simple tip to manager your iPhone home screen icons.

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Fresh Apple Friday With The Release of New iPhones

It is iPhone Friday around the world as the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are released. Is it something you need or just want? I sat down with Global Calgary to talk about the new phones and your needs.

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The news cycle is littered with stories of people who take their smartphones on vacations only to come back to bills worth thousands of dollars for the data they consumed …

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Each week I join the Sunday Morning News on Global Calgary to talk the latest in tech, gadgets, and to walk you through the ways you can make the gadgets …

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The commercial for HTC‘s phones has a great line about our phones being the only thing that’s with us everywhere. You change your clothes, shoes, underwear, jewelry .. the only …

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While one of the big steps with the release of the new iPod Nano this fall was to add a video camera to the unit, the other big push was …

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It’s finally coming, iPhone carrier competition. The Globe and Mail’s report of yesterday was confirmed this morning when Bell and Telus announced they’ll be carrying the iPhone as well. So …

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A weekend in California’s Wine Country was just what my life needed. A chance to unplug from reality and drink in the harvest season at a few wineries. Notice I …

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With the release of the new iPhone firmware this week comes the “official” unlocking of augmented reality in the iPhone 3GS. I say “official” because some apps, like Yelp, had …

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