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This week, the law of Las Vegas will change. Normally, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. This week, though, what happens in Las Vegas is being broadcast to the …

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You haven’t broken your New Year’s Resolution already, have you? Believe in second chances, believe in technology, and you can get it done. The biggest resolution goal is fitness or …

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Forgot someone out of town and can’t get the gift mailed on time? Use e-mail!

iTunes gift cards are easily found at places like Safeway, but you can also gift them via email.

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It may be the final weekend before Christmas, but the stores want to remind you to save some for after Christmas.

Future Shop has a flyer out this weekend advertising their big sale for the 26th, but their website has – with even BIGGER deals.

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If you’re upgrading your gear as the holiday sale season approaches, you’re left with unwanted technology that shouldn’t really be sitting in a landfill. It may be a little early, …

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