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[twitter]Computers are infiltrating every corner of our life. While the iPhone has been hailed as the greatest invention in recent memory, the innovations that are turning cars into computers are …

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[twitter]I’m using radio for this example, but it is not a specific industry situation. Liking a competitor is an important marketing tool, but it can cause problems. Perhaps you’re a …

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09|20 – YouTube Live Live video on the internet is nothing new. Services like JustinTV, UStream and Qik have shown that we can be our own broadcasters and put anything …

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September 6 – Ping Apple changed the game last week with their announcement of Ping. Some instantly called it the death of myspace as Ping will be a social network …

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August 22 – Facebook Dislike It may be tempting to click on a link that promises you’ll get Facebook’s ‘official dislike button,’  but don’t fall for it. It’s a scam …

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August 16: Bing Taxi Google maps are awesome for directions weather you want to walk, drive or take transit, but Bing – Microsoft’s very worthy Google competitor has unleashed a …

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You haven’t broken your New Year’s Resolution already, have you? Believe in second chances, believe in technology, and you can get it done.

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Forgot someone out of town and can’t get the gift mailed on time? Use e-mail!

iTunes gift cards are easily found at places like Safeway, but you can also gift them via email.

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