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Internet appliances were all the rage about a decade ago… little gadgets dedicated to one internet application. An email reader to go with your phone, a browser for your fridge – stuff like that.

They haven’t really taken off, a part from digital photo frames. A new little toy could gain some steam, it’s called the Chumby.

A chubby little screen with speakers that is about the side of your bedside clock radio – except this guy just doesn’t tell time and turn on your radio – he’s a fully connected web machine displaying weather, newsfeeds and more.

It’s a hassle-free way to enjoy what we want most out of the Internet at a glance.

With a large and growing base of content from the Internet, including the latest news, weather and entertainment, as well as the ability to share photos, widgets and e-cards with family and friends, the chumby is one of the most versatile and lifestyle-friendly Internet enabled devices on the market today.

The Chumby is just $180 and getting a lot of raves from early adopters. It’s soooo cute, being one of the most common phrases.

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