Crime Fighting iPhone

If you’ve ever lost your cell phone, you know the pain of having to replace it, especially if you didnt back up all the data in the phone in the first place. With upgrades to the iPhone in the past year, it now has a mechanism to be found, should you lose it or have it forcibly removed from you.

The latest testimonial comes from a man in Pittsburgh who was robbed at gunpoint by two men who asked for his credit cards and the PIN numbers.

He turned over his wallet, PIN numbers, and his iPhone. Later the man used his computer and MobileMe to find the location of the phone, and police located the crooks at a gas station. Officers recovered a pellet gun, stolen ID cards, credit cards and cash.

That’s the secret, if you have location services turned on, and a Mobile Me account, you can track your iPhone wherever it is. Some parents use it as a homing device on their teens, you can track if it was robbed or even discover you left the phone in a movie theatre or restaurant.

Three men have been charged in the incident with device fraud, conspiracy, receiving stolen property and possessing instruments of crime.



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