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September 6 – Ping

Apple changed the game last week with their announcement of Ping. Some instantly called it the death of myspace as Ping will be a social network all about music and discovering new music.

September 7 – Apple TV

Steve Jobs fired a shot across the bows of your favourite cable company last week when he unveiled a new edition of his hobby – Apple TV. The box was shrunk, the hard drive taken out and the functionality increased.

September 8 – New iPods

Last week Steve Jobs rebooted the entire iPod lineup. From Nano to Shuffle to Touch, each device received a swift upgrade.

September 9 – Canadian Apple Tax

When you buy an Apple product, you’re going to pay more for the privilege. Apple fanboys get it the same way BMW and Mercedes fans get it. Prettier costs more.

But the Apple tax in Canada comes in a different shape and size. Apple announced a new roster of products last week that had stunning pricepoints in US dollars, but when the currency gets converted and the Canadian price is announced, they don’t always match up.

September 10 – eTextbooks

It’s campus crawl time, students have been sorting out schedule conflicts and dorm assignments all week and now it’s time to seriously start cracking the books to get some reading done.



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