cyberbuzz on air 09|20 – 09|24

09|20 – YouTube Live

Live video on the internet is nothing new. Services like JustinTV, UStream and Qik have shown that we can be our own broadcasters and put anything we want onto the web very easily.

However, when the biggest video site on the web thinks about going from taped to live, it’s a big step.

09|21 – 3DTV Glasses

Is 3D TV here to stay? As we get in to the big fall gadget buying season – that means big tvs for football and sports, people are once again being asked to consider 3DTV.

But, according to new surveys, we’re a little resistant to jumping into the new technology. And it’s not because it’s expensive or it doesnt work, it’s because of the glasses.

09|22 – The New Twitter

If you access Twitter through the official website, you’ll notice a change in the site’s layout. It has started to bring in some of the functionality that third party apps offer by giving you a wider range of options when viewing your twitter stream than just seeing the tweets.

09|23 – Halo Reach

Titanic and Avatar may be the biggest movies of all time, but Hollywood’s got nothing on the kind of revenue being generated by the video game industry.

Halo Reach dropped last week and the prequel to one of the video game industry’s biggest franchises hit more than $200M – on its first day.

09|24 – The Situation App

The Situation
is breaking out the dancing shoes this week for a turn on Dancing WIth the Stars, but he’s also finding some time to squeeze in a little GTL and when you need to hit the gym, tan, or do your laundry what do you do? Well, there’s an app for that – actually, an app from the Situation.



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