cyberbuzz this week 08|22 – 08|26

August 22 – Facebook Dislike

It may be tempting to click on a link that promises you’ll get Facebook’s ‘official dislike button,’  but don’t fall for it. It’s a scam and security firm Sophos is warning Facebook uers to steer clear of such links.

August 23 – Mobile Banking

Playing games and checking in on Facebook friends is fine from your phone, but do you do any money matters when you’re on the move?

KPMG recently released their Consumers & Convergence IV study and it shows that while mobile technology is weaving into our lives – we’re stopping short of putting it where our money is.

August 24 – Facebook Places

A new update to the facebook iPhone app was pushed out last week enabling the friend finding engine to locate exactly where your friends are.

Think Foursquare, but on Facebook. The Facebook version will work very similarly to other location based social sites. You check in when you get somewhere and you’ll be able to see a graph of which other friends are in the same place or nearby.

August 25 – Is WiFi Safe?

WiFi is ubiquitous. 
Drive down any street, sit in any cafe and open up your scanner and you’ll be bombarded with channels you could join.  Office buildings, with many unique companies sharing floors and towers, blast out WiFi signals for their staff. 

August 26 – Angry Birds

The most downloaded game for the iPad and iPhone is one of the most addictive. Angry Birds is a simple little slingshot game where a flock of feathered friends try to retrieve their eggs from the pigs on a farm.

Okay, the explanation doesnt make sense, but this game is brilliantly crafted to draw you in to conquer each level.



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