cyberslacking – How to Not Get it Done

School may be officially back this week, but according to the calendar it’s still summer.

So why not indulge in a little cyberslacking?

Facebook is the popular site to slack on at work right now and many employers have caught on to the trend, blocking the site from work stations.

According to UTalk Marketing in the UK, it’s an over reaction.

“Companies only alienate their staff by banning sites like Facebook, when the vast majority of workers use them responsibly,” notes Niall McKinney of UTalk.

He adds, “social networking sites are now as much a part of the office media environment as listening to the radio.”

But if you’re blocked from the ‘book and want to get your slack on, here are some other sites to surf.

Lolcatz are an internet meme gaining momentum.

Take those cutesy pictures of cats and add grammatically incorrect captions and you’ve got a collection of photos that could easily waste a week.

And finally, look to the internet for inspiration and then back away from the computers. Far away.

Faceball was created by the team at Flickr, the photo sharing site. It’s like Dodgeball for the office and it’s quite simple.

Grab a beach ball and place two office chairs a few meters apart. Then blast the beach ball at your opponent’s face. You fire until you miss, then you switch. You can play a number of Faceball rounds and the most points wins.

Faceball is catching on with an official Flickr photo stream of players from offices worldwide.

However you choose to cyberslack this week, just do it – there’s still almost 3 weeks left in summer!

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