Does Samsung Have a Killer Instinct?

instinctRogers and Apple are ready to unleash the iPhone this Friday, but before you run down to claim your spot in line, the beavers over at bell would like you to wait a month.

The Samsung Instinct will launch on the Bell network in August, and it looks a lot like the iPhone, without the heavy data costs that Rogers has announced,

The Samsung Instinct has a touch screen, gps and all the sexiness of an iPhone, except bell is serving up plans with unlimited data.

Where the iPhone plans top out at 2GB of data at over 100 a month, Bell is asking only $10 for unlimited data to add to any of their voice plans.

Where the iPhone is only available with a 3yr contract, you can pick your poison with the Instinct going anywhere from buying the phone outright to a lower phone cost on a subsidized contract.

In an amusing strategic move, The Instinct has a Twitter account.



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  1. July 7, 2008

    Telus has announced that they are getting the Instinct as well. Also from Telus is the HTC Touch Diamond. That said, the $10 data from Bell is cheaper than the $30 unlimited email + IM + web plan from Telus.

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