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duelsIt’s the first big week back after the holidays and I know the last thing you want to do is actual work – so why not duel?

Duels is a World of Warcraft-like game that lets you create characters, add weapons and spells, and then duel each other. It’s addictive.

In the few months since the site launched, traffic has grown to nearly a million duels a day.

So the site is starting to launch tournaments, where a large number of players gather to fight all at once, and “ladders,” a way of ranking players based on chess ranking systems. You thought the World Series of Poker was out of hand? Just wait til this one gets underway.

The newly launched version has also added female avatars. Mostly men play on the site, so only male characters were launched at first. But as any Tekken player knows, there’s a fair bit of cross dressing when it comes to gaming. The players yelled for female avs and the creators listened.

And just as people will pay real cash for fake things in games like Second Life, real money is being handed over for upgraded costumes and weapons.

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