Evolution of Mobile Phones

by Mike Rohde on Flickr

by Mike Rohde on Flickr
by Mike Rohde on Flickr
Have you ever wondered when exactly mobile phones were invented?

They actually have been around for some time now as they first were used in 1973. Their appearance was significantly different than the phones we use today. In the past twenty years, mobile phones have seen the most change.

The first mobile phones were a far cry from what they are today. In terms of size, they were not very easy to transport and required a carrying case. It took almost two decades before the size changed making them more convenient to carry. During the 1990’s technology advanced so that batteries for the phones could be smaller which helped to decrease their size. This change made more consumers interested in purchasing the devices as well as a lower price.

Eventually, the mobile phones evolved so they could transfer not only voice data but data such as emails and instant messages. With these increased capabilities, demand for mobile phones further intensified.

It was also during this time that many people started using their mobile phones for gaming. Device owners could play not only HD games on their phones but enjoy simpler casino games at mobile casinos such as GamblingInsider.ca. This was an important turning point as today phones are used more for gaming than dedicated gaming consoles.

When mobile phones first hit the market, they were operated using many different operating systems. Eventually as time went on, certain operating systems decreased in popularity as some phones become obsolete. Today, Android and Apple have emerged as the most used mobile phone operating systems.

Today’s mobile phone designers are looking for even more ways to improve upon these devices in order to make our everyday tasks and life easier. Some new innovations include wireless battery charging and waterproof technology.

With so many changes occurring over a short time, it is exciting to contemplate what changes may be coming for future mobile phones.



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