Extreme Makeover Google Edition

Google is going through an Extreme Makeover, revamping the design of each of their products. While much of the makeover is cosmetic, some of the buttons have moved.

One of the button moves that’s causing a disturbance in the force, is the NEWS button in Google Search.

Previously, you would click the NEWS button at the top and Google would sort stories based on your search term.


Now that NEWS button takes you to Google’s News page.


Tech heavyweights Molly Wood of c|net and Nathaniel Bertram of PaidContent openly wondered what happened to the “sort by news” feature.

“Remember when you could do a @googlesearch and then click News and you’d get news results for your search term? Where’d that go? #justme” – @mollywood

It’s the little things that catch your eye sometimes.
To your average reader the almost microscopic adjustment to Google’s interface would barely register. It is literally a matter of an extra click.
Where once you could move straight from the web search into a news search simply by selecting the different search function in the top bar, you now need to open the news channel and retype your search term.
[Paid Content]

Well, it’s still there, it’s just moved.


The top nav bar is for universal Google navigation, the left side is now to drill down with the page you’re on. Train your hand to click left instead of top and you will still find your search term sorted by news stories.


@mollywood’s reponse was classic:

“That’s just … why!?”



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