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[twitter]I lasted on MySpace for about a year and a half. I think Facebook‘s lifespan will be much less than that.

I used to have 8 or more Scrabulous games going simultaneously, now I have 1. I used to be digging and looking for people and reading statii 20 times or more a day, now I go when I remember, which sometimes isnt even every day. It used to be the first page I opened, now I’m back to Google Reader.

Redesigning my blogs over the past two weeks has taken up my online time and I’m posting here instead of to Facebook many times a day.

Maybe it’s just the holidays, there isnt much ‘book action going on as people interact the old school way, but it’s lost a bit of the lustre for me.

I just read a blog predicting some trends for 2008 and Facebook came up.

Adults who didn’t grow up with social networking services experience burnout of being bitten by zombies after a few months, and many stop checking in four times per day. Those who went to school during the Facebook era continue to complain about all the old fogies (like me) polluting their sacred resting ground. They also continue to put radically inappropriate pictures of themselves online, blissfully unaware of the interviewing process. [link]

Ding! I’m over it and I still shake my head when I read the stuff that twentysomethings post on their profiles.

Clinton got a free pass on the weed because he was of the generation that did that sort of thing, in the same way Strom Thurmond got a pass on his racism and such.

Pretty soon naked girl-on-girl tongue wrestling pictures of a female president will be “No Big Deal” because, like I mean, who didnt do that when they were 17?

*Ahem* Miley Cyrus. *Ahem*

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