Yes, Facebook Hides Posts. Here’s The Secret Link To See Them

Pages Feed Link in Facebook

How To Fix Your Facebook Feed[twitter]I have liked the Tour of Alberta‘s Facebook page. Yet I never see their updates. I miss half the Blue Thursday sales from WestJet, not to mention news stories from the TV stations I’ve liked, etc.

The Facebook news feed algorithm has basically censored brands and brand pages from the feed. They want the brands to pay to amplify their posts to the people who have said ‘yes’ I would like updates from that brand. Too bad, because Facebook hides posts.

It sucks. And, frankly, it has made my Facebook news feed boring. I am seeing the same old stuff all the time. A conversation from 3 days ago that I didn’t like, or comment on, somehow floats back to the ‘most recent’ part of my feed because someone commented on it while all that branded content I asked to engage with drifts past.

Well, friends, there is a way to discover all the Facebook information you’ve been missing. It’s in the PAGES FEED.

Pages Feed Link in Facebook
Click this link and discover all those pages you’ve liked but Facebook never shows you anymore.

I am blown away every time I flick through that Pages Feed. I see all sorts of useful interesting an engaging content from brand pages. Now, to tell Facebook that I like this content, I really like this content, I like the posts, share them more often, and comment.

The Edge Rank and News Feed algorithm is built to show you the kind of content you engage with most. I don’t find it works very well with my friend feeds (hence showing me 35 hour old content) but it is working better with the pages. I’m liking, sharing, commenting, and getting more of the brand messages I want. Just today I discovered the Tour of Alberta will have a mountain climb time trial right in my neighbourhood.

Thanks for nothing, Facebook.

Go ahead. Try it. Tell me if it gives your news feed more useful content.



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  1. March 24, 2015

    […] Even before the privacy question, Facebook has been driving me crazy how it won’t let you see most of what I post there, unless I PAY for Facebook ads.  (And obviously I don’t have a lot of extra funds around here to throw at advertising…)  So as always, just comment, like, and share whatever it is you want to see more of on Facebook, that’s the only way to make sure you’ll continue to see it.  (Read more here on how to make sure you see what you want in  your feed.) […]

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