How Do You Get More Facebook Post Engagement? (Hint: You DONT Have To Pay To Boost Post)

Is It A Good Idea To Pay For Facebook Boost Post?

Does Facebook's Boost Post Feature Work?

[twitter]Is it a good idea to pay for Facebook Boost Post? Does it make sense to pay Facebook to stretch out your reach in an attempt at increased Facebook engagement?

The answer is easy – that depends.

Many marketers are taking to Facebook and buying ads and boosting posts the same way pyramid schemes used to tout buying tiny little classified ads to sell money making ideas in the 80s.

Now it’s blog marketing to make money that dominates those sidebar ads. They work, people like John Chow are making 100s of 1000s of dollars a month from it.

But does Facebook boost post for your brand page work? Again, it depends. It depends on what you are trying to convert. Are you shooting for likes? Shares? Clicks?

I dropped $17 into the tip jar at Facebook this week to have a post for #Shakespeare450 on DadCAMP “boosted.” I thought I had a really good, shareable, viral, clickable image that, if I could expose it to more eyeballs, would get me some traction.

The DadCAMP Facebook page has nearly 800 likes. Still, only 130 of my ‘organic’ audience had seen the post. So I paid for a Facebook boost post and exposed it to another 4000 more people. 96% of my post’s reach at the end of the campaign was bought and paid for.

Facebook Boost Post Stats

At the end of the Facebook Boost Post program, I had basically paid $17 to have 354 click on my image. None shared it. My page got no extra likes. Despite Facebook amplifying my reach to more than 4100 for the image, it converted from that audience at a rate of less than 10%.

People were clicking on this image, but they were not heading over to my blog, despite having a link in the image descriptor. My referral traffic for the post was less than a dozen. So if you do even more math, I paid for an audience of 4100 and got a conversion of 12, or 0.3%.

That’s terrible. I promoted the post to get blog traffic. For me, boost post didn’t work.

These new numbers are better than the promoted post I tried back in November, which again had very little engagement, but brought me much more traffic.

Facebook Promoted Post

On the other hand, look what happened when Calgary had a flood last June. This is the traffic and reach for XL 103’s Facebook Page when we started sharing relevant news and information regarding the flood to our audience. Our reach skyrocketed, our posts were shared in the thousands.

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 7.03.03 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 7.03.48 PM

Moral of the story? Don’t pay for Facebook Boost Post.

If you want more Facebook engagement, simply post things your audience wants to see, wants to share, and they will spread your message for you. For free.



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