Facebook’s New Guidelines

Facebook‘s new content guide was leaked yesterday. That’s the guide they use to decide which photos and posts to censor and remove.

A few things they allow photos of are kissing and groping, animals killing each other in nature, and artwork showing nudity. But things like drunk people passed out with stuff written on them or people releasing bodily fluids will be censored.

Here are 10 highlights of what they will and won’t censor.

1.) Foreplay like kissing and groping will not be censored. Even, quote, “for same-sex individuals.” But actual sexual activity will be censored, obviously.

2.) Photos that show a side-by-side comparison between a person and an animal will be censored.

3.) Photoshopped images might be censored. If the Photoshopping portrays the person in a negative light, the photo will be removed. But if the Photoshopping portrays the person in a positive or neutral way, the photo can stay.

4.) Images of drunk or unconscious people with stuff drawn on their face will be censored. Which is a surprise, because I see these all the time.

5.) Graphic photos of dead animals will be censored. Unless the photos are in the context of food prep or, quote, “hunting as it occurs in nature,” like a lion eating a zebra or something.

6.) Works of art showing nudity will not be censored. But cartoon nudity will be removed.

7.) Adult love toys might be censored. If they’re in the context of sexual activity, they’re gone. If you’re just, like, holding a vibrating toy, you’re clear.

8.) Bodily fluids will not be censored. Vomit, snot, earwax, and anything in the toilet are all probably clear. But not if you post a photo of someone in the act of actually releasing bodily fluids.

9.) Photos of poaching endangered animals will be censored, and will be reported.

10.) And finally, photos of, quote, “blatant depiction of camel toes and moose knuckles” will be censored.