Future Shop – Boxing Day Sale

It may be the final weekend before Christmas, but the stores want to remind you to save some for after Christmas.

Future Shop has a flyer out this weekend advertising their big sale for the 26th, but their website has the in-store handout– with even BIGGER deals. A 2 pack of 2G SD cards for $40? Those would cost you $90 if you bought them today.

They have web only deals too. iPod Shuffle for $60? That’s $30 off – that never happens. A 56″ JVC for $1300? Woah. Portable LG DVD players for $80! (I remember when I bought one of these for a Christmas gift 6 years ago. It cost me $700. Swear.to.God.)

One year, when my Gramma came out to spend Chritmas with us from Montreal, she couldnt get a flight until the 27th. So we waited 3 days to celebrate, until she was in town. Damn good idea. Do all your shopping on the 26th.

Hmmmm … Jen’s Ukranian… I’m thinking next year we wait until January to pass out the presents!

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