Gaming on the Curve

Gamers like things big, and they like them fast. The most powerful home computers are hacked for gamers. They need that screen and response rate to move along as quickly as possible to get at the enemy.

For the past week, the message boards have been humming after the game nation got a peek at what Alienware has in store for later this year.

It’s a curved gaming screen that measures in at over 3 feet across, with an incredible 2880 pixels.

With big screens, it’s hard to take everything in without moving your head, by curving the screen, Alienware takes part of the perspective and places it in your peripherary, giving a more realistic viewing experience.

Some have compared it to a mini imax, a totally encompassing visual system, that when coupled with the right soundsystem will shut out the entire world and place all of your senses inside the game.

A prototype for the screen was unveiled at CES in Las Vegas last week. No pricing or release date has been announced, but it’s safe to say alienware got the gaming world’s attention.

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