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If you want to get ahead in this gadget world, you need to be a multitakser. Just look at mobile phones. They’re cameras, music players, and in the case of the iPhone, a mobile browsing computer.

Not to be outdone, Garmin is entering the fray with the nuvifone, a cellphone that is also a GPS.

Garmin hypes the nuvifone as the breakthrough product that cell phone and GPS users around the world have been longing for — a single device that does it all.

So far the nuvifone is just a press release, it won’t be on shelves until the fall, but garmin promises it will feature Google local search, Garmin Online services – traffic, weather, fuel prices, hotel discounts, etc, nuvi-like navigation on the road or in pedestrian mode, Email, text, IM functions along with the requisite camera and music playing options.

GPS devices have long been viewed as one trick ponies. You put it on your dash and that’s where it stays. Garmin, a longtime leader in gps devices, is trying to give that pony a few more tricks. It’s a tough squeeze to be in, more phones are featuring gps, more cars are featuring gps, so to jump in with a hybrid device is as much necessary as it is innovation.



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