Geo Hashtagging in #yyc

Calgary‘s got a really cool thing going on in its Twitterspherehashtagging.

For 2 years in Vancouver, the building of my Twitter list was by daisy chaining followers.  I’d find one person interesting, see who they were following, follow them, and build from there.  Follow friday was also useful to build a good stable of people to follow, but it was a very organic way to build out my list.

When I moved to Calgary last winter, it was much easier to meet people in the city on the Twitternet – because they hashtag.

Pop open a Tweetdeck column searching the hashtag #yyc (YYC is the airport code for Calgary) and you’ll see a huge list of people discussing transit, politics, weather, news and events.  It instantly makes everything happening in the city trackable.  What a brilliant way to sort the stream and stick out from the herd.< Calgary is so proud of the #yyc hashtag that at a Haiti Fundraiser (YYC4Haiti, natch) they encouraged people to get the tshirt.

Tanya Desrosiers (known online as Netchick) recently moved to Calgary from Vancouver and has noticed the trend too.  Her theory is that Vancouver’s Twitter community is more active in creating CAMPS and Tweetups and so the need to create a universal hashtag to track the local conversation is less necessary.

Whatever the reason, I find it useful to monitor important issues in my community, find new and interesting people to follow.

Does your community have a universal hashtag to track conversations?  Find out your local airport code and then start using it help the meme spread. It’s easy to save 4 characters of your 140 to add a #yvr, #yyz, #yul or #yqx to the tweet to build up a local list.

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