Gifts for Your College Graduate

Your “baby” flew the coop and here he is—four years later (in an ideal world)—coming home from college. You might be wondering what to get him … besides a job, of course. A stipend to spend on rent outside your home might be a little bit offensive. We kid, we kid, as there’s no time to be prouder of your offspring than when they graduate college, as it’s a huge achievement. Read on for gift ideas for your college graduate.

Money Towards a Trip

What the college graduate should and will realize soon enough is that she’ll be working for the rest of her life, or at least a good majority of it. So why not give her time to fly a bit? If you’ve got the means to buy the whole trip, go for it. Many of us don’t (especially after paying for college!), so even just a donation towards a trip abroad or the like would be greatly appreciated. She’ll hopefully be landing an internship or a job soon enough, so let her take some time to see the country and/or the world.

Life Stuff

What goes on outside the dorm room and college campus might come as a bit of a shock to your new graduate, so you should prepare him for what’s next. From helping him to furnish an apartment and buying him interview clothes to securing him a chrome laptop for a new job and cooking lessons, things that help him to be successful while heading out on his own are going to be invaluable.

A Subscription Service

Like the “life stuff”, this will be a gift that helps your college graduate as she embarks on a new career and a more independent life. Get her a jewelry or clothing subscription service so finding the right thing to wear for certain occasions isn’t so overwhelming. A home food delivery service like Hello Fresh or Purple Carrot would be tremendously helpful, especially since she’ll be extremely busy once she does land a job. If you want to get a gift that’s strictly for fun, go for the Amazon Prime membership. Providing free shipping, TV binging,
and much more, this gift will gain you top status in her eyes.

A Watch

If your college graduate is always late, this is a win/win. You’ll be getting him to appointments on time and he’ll look stylish to boot. Many people use their phones to tell time these days but he’ll need to look professional when going on job interviews. And while an outdoor watch is something he’d love, stick to stainless steel or a watch with a leather band for now. And thankfully for you, a nice, professional looking watch doesn’t have to break the bank.

Gift Cards Galore or Cold, Hard Cash

While gift cards and money might scream phoning it in for other occasions, a graduation gift is very different. Your new graduate is heading out into the world and, although that super cute pillow that says “New Graduate” on it is adorable, it’s not going to help her to successfully launch this next stage in life—or pay off student loan debt. She’ll likely need new professional and casual clothes, furniture, food, and more, so a gift card or money will be the most practical thing to give at this stage in life. Whether it’s a gift card to IKEA or Brooklinen for a new set of nice yet affordable sheets; now is the time to think practically and

Time for Technology

We’ve already talked about the new laptop, but he might need an upgrade on his phone and/or iPad as well. An Echo dot is another great gift idea for a new house or apartment. If he’s a music lover, portable speakers are a great choice. It’s hard to go wrong with a hi-tech gift when it comes to this generation, although you might want to steer clear of the latest Playstation. It’s not a good time to kill productivity!

If you buy anything off this list for your college graduate, you’ll surely be sending him or her off into the world with a leg up on the rest.



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